UCSB/SGI Concise SSCA#2 Implementation

SSCA#2 graph anim

Get high resolution videos of the spinning SSCA#2 graph !

SSCA#2 is a part of the Synthetic Scalable Concise Applications benchmkark suite. The SSCAs are a new set of benchmarks designed by the DARPA/DOE High Productivity Computer Systems program to complement existing benchmarks.

It is a graph analysis benchmark comprising of a data generator and 4 kernels which operate on the graph. The benchmark is designed to have very little locality so that the memory subsystems are tested. In case of a parallel implementation, the non-locality causes a lot of remote memory lookups.

cSSCA#2 is a concise implementation of SSCA#2 in MATLAB and StarP - a parallel implementation of the matlab programming language. There are several reasons why the matlab programming language is attractive for this purpose: