Aydın Buluç

Computational Research Division
Computer and Data Sciences
Mailstop 50A-1148
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

I am a Research Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, working on high-performance graph analysis and libraries, parallel sparse matrix computations, communication-avoiding algorithms, with applications in computational genomics and neuroscience. Previously, I was an Alvarez Fellow.

I obtained my Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara in Computer Science. My advisor was John R. Gilbert. My unusually shallow genealogy includes only three lineal ascendants. You can pronounce my first name like this. The "ı" in my first name is a lowercase dotless i ({\i} in LaTeX, ı in HTML and U+0131 in UTF-8).

Recent News

EDGAR: Energy-efficient Data and Graph Algorithms Research

Minisymposia on Graph Analysis for Scientific Discovery at the SIAM PP'14.

The Graph BLAS Forum is an effort to define standard building blocks for graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra.

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